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Domestic violence is a very serious issue and one that is unfortunately not uncommon when dealing with family law matters. At the Law Offices of Kenny & Kenny, we treat domestic violence allegations very seriously and take all necessary steps to ensure our clients and their children are protected. If you have been abused or are under threat of violence from a family member, your safety is the number one priority. We can help you get the legal protections you need right away.

Orders of Protection in DuPage County, Illinois

In Illinois, it is possible to get an emergency order of protection if you feel you are in immediate danger. An emergency order of protection can be obtained on a temporary basis with a simple court appearance. In order to have the order extended, however, a hearing must take place in which both sides have the opportunity to be heard. Protection orders can also be issued on a non-emergency basis. Our attorneys can discuss your options and help you determine the best way to proceed to protect yourself.

Restraining Orders and Orders of Protection in Divorce

During the divorce process, it is often necessary to have the court issue a restraining order to prevent one spouse from taking or misusing marital assets prior to the divorce settlement. Unlike orders of protection, restraining orders do not have criminal implications. If there is an environment of abuse in the household, an order of protection is the appropriate option to enhance safety, as it will allow the police to arrest anyone who is in violation of that order.

Sometimes, false allegations of abuse are used as a tactic to prevent a spouse from having access to children or returning to the home. Our attorneys are also experienced in defending against inappropriate domestic violence charges and orders of protection.

If you are involved in a divorce or family law matter that includes domestic violence issues, contact us to schedule a consultation to discuss your case. We will help you protect yourself and your children. Our firm is located in Wheaton, Illinois, and we serve Cook County, the Chicagoland area and the western suburbs.

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